My Books

Untamed-Atlantic-Canada-Scott-Leslie-jpeg2.jpg100 under 100 cover-1.jpgBay_of_Fundy_jacket.jpgGRASSLAND cover mech(2).jpgSEA cover mech2.jpgWetlandCoverFinalForPrinter.jpgWOODLAND cover mech.jpg

Untamed Atlantic Canada 2016
Wetland Birds of North America 2006
Woodland Birds of North America 2007
Sea and Coastal Birds of North America 2008
Grassland and Desert Birds of North America 2009
Bay of Fundy, A Natural Portrait 2007
The above books were published by Key Porter Books of Toronto, Canada
100 Under 100, The Race to Save the World’s Rarest Living Things, with a Foreword by biologist Dr. Stuart Pimm. 2012

Here are the covers of these books that I’ve enjoyed doing over the past 6 years. My books are available worldwide through Amazon.CA. Thanks for looking! -Scott